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    Evil-Knuckles Gif Gallary/request (all slots are full)


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    Evil-Knuckles Gif Gallary/request (all slots are full)

    Post by Evil-Knuckles on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:47 am

    Evil-Knuckles Animated Gif Request Thread
    Slots for Requests

    1. What are they and how do they work
    2. Requesting an animation
    3. Gif gallary
    1. Well lets start off with the basics. First an animated gif is simple it is a series of stillframes that are run one frame after another at about 12 frames every second. The end result is a neat animation that you can use in your sig or as your avatar. All the gifs I do are made from sprites. A sprite is a picture made up of pixels, most things on the computer screen are made of pixles but generally when sprites are reffered too the pixels in them are large and easy to see. Most common sprites and ones that I use are that from old video games like NES, SNES or other old systems. A sprite sheet is a series of sprites composing of one character and all his frames of animations or just a series of animations from something else. I dont make the sprites from scatch but I do try to use my own ideas when animating. I use Macromedia Flash 2004 for all of my gifs. I generally keep them short, transparent, and 100 by 100 pixels. I probably wont change the color of the character becasue that would require me to edit every frame I use and thats not generally worth my time since I do a lot of 100-200 frame range. Hope that clears things up for you. If you want to know more about something PM me.

    2. To request an animation I would like it in this order.
    Used for:(so I can make it the right demensions and file size)
    If you have a perticualar sheet in mind it would help a lot but isnt required
    I will be posting your finished sprite on this forum so make sure to check it. If I find that what you requested is not possible or worth my time I will simply say so and youll have to pick something else. Most of the time its cause I cant find the right sprites (Like fox or lucario)
    3. The Gif Gallery. These are posted in no particualar order

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