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The site is still being modified; Please pm me on the forum with the type of graphic you want as a forum section in the graphics shop like the ones already in there. Thank you, Administrator - Freddyx

    New stuff! An Update!


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    New stuff! An Update! Empty New stuff! An Update!

    Post by Freddyx on Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:54 pm

    Okay could i firstly please ask the other admins to not make changes to the forum skin / layout without first consulting me.
    Last thing i want is the site being wrecked.
    So if you want to change anything, add anything etc please pm me on the forum first!
    (with the exception of banning; screenshot the evidence, ban the offender and send a report to me about whats happened with a link to the screenshot)

    also if anything isnt working (like the arcade games) if all you see is code then go to profile and preferences and turn html ON.
    if you cant see it make sure you have flash player, shockwave etc
    if it wont load give it time, its possible its just slow
    if that wont work try refreshing the page.
    If the above do not help please pm me on the forum with your problem.

    Thank you,
    Administrator - Freddyx

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